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About Us

Global Institute Of Islamic Studies

Praise be to Allah Subhanahu wata`alaa! Global Institute of Islamic Studies works with objective of spreading message of Allah Subhanahu w.t. through understanding the teaching of Holy Quran and essence of namaz. Thus, building a strong relationship between the creator and His creation. At the movement, this institute has got eight centers running at Masab tank, Akbar Bagh Al Hasanath Colony, Tolichowky, Saleem Nagar Colony, Nizam Colony, Owaisi Pura, First Lancer and Yousuf Guda, where a great number of men, women and students, professionals and unprofessional irrespective of their age, gender from various sectors of society are getting benefitted from it.

Our Vision

In a short span of time, this sacred task has acquired the shop of an organization resulting in its expansion. There has been a demand for the formation of new centers of learning.

In a very impressive way, this work was started in 2011 AD by Moulana Mohammed Adam Shirazi under the literary guidance of Dr. Abdul Moiz Sahib, professor, and head of the Arabic department, MAANU. At present five lecturers and three visiting professors are working with their sincerity furthermore, there is a requirement for more teachers to be kept on salary basis. For the fulfilment of expenses, a financial committee has be formed and people with a healthy financial background may contribute their part.

In this era of wisdom and knowledge where general public, University graduates, professional and higher secondary student are being guided by our Centers for learning Arabic language to understand Quran.

Now there is a need for all countrymen to take up the responsibility of spreading the message of the Quran and introduce in ourselves the technique of understanding and giving a deep thought on its teaching. If this duty is not carried out by us faithfully, then we are all answerable to our creator Allah Subhanahu w.t.

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